Introduced in 1969, the code numbered 1177 and named “Tobacco and Tobacco Monopoly” prescribes that all jobs related to tobacco expertise should be performed by graduates of The School of Tobacco Experts”. In accordance with the code, the school was initially established by The Ministry of Customs and Monopoly in 1975 as a vocational college, offering a two-year program to high school graduates via pre-registration.

The duration of study at the school was extended to 3 years in 1978 and later to 4 years in 1982. In 1983, the school was joined to The Faculty of Forestry, Istanbul University complied with the code 2809. Through its new academic structure, the curriculum offered at the school aimed to equip students with necessary formation needed in the tobacco and cigarette industry’s changing environment. Hence, graduates were awarded the title of “Tobacco Industrial Engineer” starting the year 1987 but that title was replaced with “Tobacco Technology Engineer” later on by The Council of Higher Education

In 1987, in accordance with the code 3389, the school was planned to move to Akhisar, Manisa and join to The Faculty of Agriculture, Ege University. In 1992, the name of the school was changed to “The School of Tobacco Expertise” and it became an affiliate of the newly founded Celal Bayar University, Manisa.

The School of Tobacco Expertise (abbreviated as TEYO), which trains prospective tobacco technology engineers to meet the demands of the industry, started providing education for freshmen at the building of Akhisar Chamber of Commerce in the academic year of 1993-1994, while other classes continued their education in Istanbul. On October 11th, 1994, the school completely moved into its current building in Akhisar.

TEYO comprises a Tobacco Technology Engineering Department and four fields of science tied to that department. These are as follows:

Tobacco Industry Management

Tobacco Policy

Tobacco Technology and Chemistry

Tobacco Cultivation and Breeding

TEYO’s Akhisar Campus houses a two-story administration building with a library, a laboratory, a conference hall of 400 seats, a modern kitchen, and a canteen in it. In addition to an open basketball field, an education and research building is also located in the campus comprising classrooms, three state-of-the-art research laboratories, a computer lab and a library unit.


Prof.Dr. Altay Uğur GÜL(04.12.2014-....................)
Prof. Dr. Cüneyt Yenal KESBİÇ (13.12.2013-.03.12.2014)
Prof. Dr. Ramazan GÖKBUNAR (8.10.2010-13.12.2013)
Doç.Dr. Ramazan GÖKBUNAR (04.10.2007-8.10.2010)
Prof.Dr. Altay Uğur GÜL(01.05.2005-03.10.2007)
Doç.Dr. Altay Uğur GÜL (01.05.2002-30.04.2005)
Prof.Dr. Semra ÖNCÜ (19.09.2001-30.04.2002)
Prof.Dr. İbrahim EROL(15.02.1994-10.09.2001)
Doç.Dr. İbrahim EROL (09.09.1993-14.02.1994)



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