First name/Surname: Rana Okuyucu


E-Mail                         :


Academic Title          : Assistant Professor Dr.


University Education






(ISCED 2011 - 6)

International Agriculture

Kassel University (Germany)


(ISCED 2011 – 7)


Georg AugustUniversity Göttingen (Germany)

Doctoral Degree

(ISCED 2011 - 8)


Justus Liebig University Giessen (Germany)


Selected Publications

Journal Papers (International)

Röck-Okuyucu, B.; M. Bayraktar; I. H. Akgun; A. Gurel (2016). Plant Growth Regulator Effects on In Vitro Propagation and Stevioside Production in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. HORTSINCE, 51(12), 1573-1580; doi 10.212773/ HORTSINCE11093-16.


Aydın, Ş.; B. Röck-Okuyucu; H. Yener, H. Cakıcı (2006): The nutritional satatus of upland cotton by chemical analysıs of soil and plant in a semiarid enviroment. Asian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 18, No. 3, 1943-1952.


Demirer, T., B. Röck-Okuyucu, İ. Ozer (2005): Effect of different types of nitrogen fertilizers on yield and quality characteristics of mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing) cultivated on wheat straw compost. Journal of Agriculture and Rual Development in the Tropics and Subtropics; Vol. 106, No. 1, 71-77.


Marquard, R., B. Röck-Okuyucu (1987): Results of field trials with rapeseed and sunflower in Turkey. Fat. Sci. Technol.89, Issue 8, 236-330.


Conference Papers (International)


Bayraktar, M.;  B. Röck-Okuyucu; I. H. Akgun; S. Orhan-Fedakar; H. Kanık;  A. Gurel (2017): In Vitro Commercial Micropropagation of Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni). International Conference on Technology, Engineering and Science (IConTES) 26.-27.10. 2017, Antalya, Turkey.


Röck-Okuycucu, B., F. Okuyucu (2010): Possibilities of biological management of meadows and pastures in Turkey. Scientific results of the cooperation of Turkish and German universities in the field of agriculture.9th International Symposium 22.-27.03. 2010, Antakya (Basımda).


Röck-Okuyucu, B., H. Baytekin, F. Okuyucu (2005): Catch cropping of sorghum, Sudan grass and hybrids of sorghum x Sudan grass for grain utilization and silage making. Turkish-German agricultural research, 8th  Symposium, 04.-08.10. 2005, FAL, Braunschweig, 439-448.


Okuyucu, F., B. Kır, R. Marquard, H. Akdemir, M. Baygın, B. Röck-Okuyucu (2003): Yield and fodder quality of some sweet and bitter lupins grown under the conditions of Ödemis. Turkish-German agricultural research, 7th Symposium, 24.-30.03.2003, Ankara, 57-62.


Okuyucu, F., R. Maquard, B. Röck-Okuyucu, (1989): Investigations regarding suitability of different summer and winter fodder crops for cultivation as catch crop. Scientific results of the cooperation of Turkish and German universities in the field of agriculture. Symposyum, Bornova/İzmir, 28. -30.09.1989, 391-401.


Röck-Okuyucu, B., R. Marquard , I. Demir (1987): Cultivation of oil plants in Turkey. Results of joint projects of Turkish and German faculties of agriculture. Göttinger Symposium 17. -19.03.1987, 213-220.



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